The Association aims to:

Bringing together experts and researchers, equipment manufacturers, consultants, and in order to discuss the latest what has been reached in the field of water technology and water sanitation.To reach a low-cost technology for water treatment.

Preservation of the environment through improved water management policies and the reduction of water pollution and adequate treatment of water through technologies.

Focus on desalination technologies as one of the promising technologies for water treatment, and the development of remote areas, in order to promote economic growth.

Awareness of water consumers on the importance of conserving water from pollution and waste through the holding of various seminars.

Create a link between the consumer and those responsible for water and water-producing companies in order to reach a cup of clean water and make the most of its water resources.

Holding an annual conference brings together many researchers and water experts on the level of countries in the world and provide financial rewards and in-kind to them and to encourage scientific research to gain access to the latest technologies in water treatment.

Promote scientific research in the following areas:

– Hydrology and Water Resources:

– Management of natural water resources

– Integrated management of water resources.

– Water Resources and Sustainable Development – Water resources policy in the Arab region.

– GIS and remote sensing applications.

-Instrumentation and measurements.

– Groundwater flow and pollution.

– Issues related to soil and agriculture.

– Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures:

– Lines and water networks.

– Energy and Water Turbines.

– Manage and monitor and control water

– Erosion, sediment transport

– Stability and collapse in Hydraulic Structures

– Maintenance and rehabilitation of hydraulic structures

– Desalination techniques based on membrane.

– Thermal technologies – Solar energy and desalination – New technologies in water desalination.-

– Water Treatment Technology:

– Re-use of wastewater – Industrial water treatment

– Sewage treatment – Computer applications in water treatment – Stations and water purification systems

– Environmental Impact Assessment

– Water Quality and Environmental Analysis

– Water economics, legislation and health issues.

– The economic value of water

– Social and economic issues related to water

– Water legislationAnd. Water and Health:

– All relevant aspects of water pollution and health