Water Technology Association is a non-governmental Association no. 1623 for 2004. It was established by a panel of experts and university professors.

By resolution of the WTA Council on October 23, 2010, the new name of the Association is “International Water Technology Association”, and it is now open to all the international subscribers.



The aims of the association are to:

1. highlight the importance of water issue both socially and economically at the local, national and international levels.

2. highlight the importance of preserving water and its resources.

3. support and spread out modem technology concerning water treatment and desalination.

4. organize training courses in the field of water management and treatment.

5. organize scientific meetings which aim to raise the awareness of people concerning the water issue and its dimensions.

6. conduct research studies and projects in the field of’ preserving the aquatic resources and water management.


The first activity of this association was participating in the organization of the 15th International Conference for Water Technology. The association aims at organizing a number of training courses in the fie1d of protecting aquatic resources against pollution, the technology of water desalination and water treatment. In addition, a number of workshops will be held on the importance of some national issues such as:


– Water and development of isolated areas .

– Crop structure and its role in saving water.

– Water resources management.

– Evaluating the economic value of water.