2– Safety course

Safety course copy

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Safety course objectives:

  •  Give trainee the basic skills of safety and precautions to work in different work areas.
  •  Basic OSHA law instructions and rules.
  • Knowledge about different hazards in various working areas.
  •  Knowing different hazards of tools being used during work.
  • Knowing personal protective equipment (PPE) classifications and how to use it.
  • Hazards of fire and fire protection systems.
  • Hazards of cranes and crane rigging.
  •   Fall hazards and protection.
  •  Hazards of electricity and protection.
  • Confined spaces hazards and working precautions.


  •     All engineers working in industry containing hazard areas.
  •     Mechanical /chemical /electrical /production engineering .
  •  Chemists.

Course Duration:

5 days 40 hours

Mansoura University
Faculty of Engineering , Mansoura, Egypt
Tel/fax: +20 502231228

Sham El-sheikh, Sporting Club, Sham El-Sheikh, EgyptTel/fax: +20 69 3660450

Certificates :


International Water Technology Association 4

الجمعية الدولية لتكنولوجيا المياه 4


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