International Water Technology Association


    The IWTA has been established on the basis of the Egyptian Water Technology Association by resolution of the council on October 2010

The association gatheres international experts and researches in all water technology fields.

The association is open to researchers, consultants and equipment manufacturers from all over the world.

Conditions to apply are on this link:


The main target of the association is the :

Enhancement of the applied research in the field of water technology .

   – Improvement of water management policies.

   – Reduction of water pollution.

   – Improvement of water treatment systems through the use of new technologies.         


   The association  organizes an annual conference that brings together many researchers, water experts and high level decision makers from many countries of the world. One important mission of the association is to encourage young researchers from all over the world to gain access to the latest technologies in in all water related fields.

Also the association publishes the International Water Technology Journal, IWTJ. Please check our website at:

Also, the association provides continuing education courses in different water technology fiel


International Water Technology Association 
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